Thursday, November 20, 2008


If you want a best,small,unique mp3 player then try this new samsung flash mp3 player.This flash mp3 player comes in five hot colors:black,white,red,green and purple.This mp3 player looks like a pebble and can be worn lke a pendant around your neck.This player supports mp3,WMA and Ogg files,in this player you will get 1 GB of internal flash memory provides enough storage space.Overall its a good flash mp3 player.

1.Product Type:flash MP3 player
2.Storage Type:flash memory
3.Memory Capacity:1 GB (Z), 2 GB (Q)
4.Available Color:red, black, white, purple, green
5.Battery Playback Time (Audio):13 h
6.Battery Playback Time (Video):No
7.Music Storage Capacity(@128kbps MP3):13 h
8.File Format Supported:MP3, WMA, OGG


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